Chidong Construction Group Co., Ltd. was born in the seventies of last century. It rose at the end of the last century; and was brilliant at the beginning of the new century. More than forty years of vicissitudes and changes, more than forty years of ploughing and harvest.The intelligence and effort of all the staff and staff of the company have been poured into the three level jump. Now it has been promoted to the first level qualification enterprise of the national building construction contract, which has created a new development of the company's construction industry.Chapter. History records the glorious moment of "people from Chidong".

    Looking forward to the future, let us stand in a new starting point. We are adhering to the enterprise tenet of "pioneering and enterprising, thick accumulation, steady operation and rolling development" to deal with opportunities and challenges. With great enthusiasm We should focus on improving the company management system, constantly enrich the cultural connotation of enterprises, keep pace with the times, make progress and create a brand of "Centennial red construction". Be diligence and diligence.

    "People from Chidong" is willing to build a stage for talents who are interested in the development of the construction industry, and share the joy of creation and achievement together.